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Every YouTube selects (7) viewers in the UK to randomly to recieve a gift. This week, it is for Samsung Galaxy S4 owners in Ipswich ! You need to key in your details for verification!

(5) users have redeemed their iPhone 6s with only (2) units left (Space Gray 64GB Only) for grabs.

You have 0 minutes 40 seconds to answer the questions before someone else takes over your spot. Good luck

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Amelia Martin

Mine just came in the mail today. Thank you Apple for the iPhone(my T-shirt is too big.Can i change it? :)!


Jessica White

I Wasn't sure if this was legit or or not, but I received my iPhone today!


Kayla Jones

Though this was a joke at first, but the iPhone and this huge T-shirt actually came in the mail this morning. I want to do more surveys! lol

12 01:14

Ryan Ngyuen

what sorcery is this? submit some simple information and i got an iPhone 6s for free? No shit.

12 12:47

Blake N.

I actually saw this survey one other time and I ignored it cause I thought it was bullshit. I saw this ad again and decided to try it since I was bored... I actually got an iPhone + Navy T-shirt. CRAZY!

11 12:24

Owen Taylor

This is amazing! I never win anything before but today I am a lucky!! thank you Apple! I choose Apple!

11 12:02