You've been randomly selected to test the brand new iPhone 7 (arriving 2016)!

This is not a joke! You're invited to test our brand new iPhone 7 before it's released. We're looking for (20) additional G3 users for feedback so we can make this iPhone the best iPhone ever.

If you'd like to join our private test group - just enter your email and answer the simple questions on the next page.To show our appreciation you have a chance to get the 16 GB iPhone 7 after the survey is completed once is been released. Reserved Slot is limited, so act fast and act NOW! - Reserved Slot left...

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Den Yoshi 5:57 AM
So I got a message on my phone last week about this contest. I thought it was one of those bogus things you see nowadays. However, after a little research online I soon discovered that it wasn't bogus at all and I just wanted to write in and say that my iPhone 6 is absolutely fantastic!! Everyone is so jealous hahaha
Sara Parker 2:45 AM
I'm the happiest person today because of the new iPhone 6, i can give you my old iphone 5.. haha
Yosef Mikler 1:03 AM
There are millions of people in US, but I still managed to get it.. I'm typing this comment with my new iPhone 6 Gold that I just received today.. all of my friends are jealous now.. hahaha

Elina Wong 3:39 AM
Meh, I think this is just a scam. There's no lunch like that in this world...
Maria Miller 9:57 PM
@Elina Wong: I thought the same when I saw it but still decided to give it a go. I had nothing to lose so why not? It took only 10 seconds to answer the survey and I am happy I did it. I am typing this from my new iPhone :).